We have made redesign for most of the products in the portfolio of Zdrave brand.

We rebranded Zdrave BEBE. We developed very gentle design with a focus on care and protection. The illustrations together with the fonts used in the design, bring more emotions and convey the brand message.

Zdrave 0+ is a new series of two products for newborns. The design is developed to meet their needs – it is white to express how pure and clear its content is.

Akne Stop was a project for redesign of the current products in the line. We made designs with more medical vision, more structured, clear and simple.

Zdrave Forte was a project for redesign of the portfolio and launching of a new SKU. The designs we developed are with strong identity and clear color-coding-s. The products have clear communication of the branding and the visualizations of the shampoo effects help differentiate the products in the line.







Non-food products