SuperNovaBrand has worked on many local and international projects for Bulgartabac. We have made design for new products as well as redesign of current products.

Victory: Redesign of logo and packaging design of the leading Bulgarian cigarette brand. Victory redesign achieved a better SKUs differentiation, brand visibility and stronger shelf presence.

Prestige Grand Cru features a new minimal and clean design. The goal was to develop a premium series of three products with very stylish and exquisite look.

Prestige and MM are simple designs especially developed for the Middle East countries.

BT is a luxury cigarette brand developed for the Russian market

Sredets is a low segment cigarette brand. The brief was to redesign the logo and package to be more in line with the market demands, enhance its shelf presentation and brand visibility

The series Senses of EVA and EVA Secrets are new product lines developed by us for female consumers




Non-food products