SNB is the first Bulgarian agency specialized in developing brands through their packaging and design.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field both on a local and international level. Our agency has the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) portfolio in Bulgaria.

Our production department works with the best manufacturers in terms of both quality and price.

Our designers have a high level of expertise in Cyrillic typography.

SNB has successful and dynamic long-standing relationships with the largest and most ambitious brands in Bulgaria and around the world. Our customers believe tha tstrategic design offers the clearest path to development and growth in a constantly changing world. They know that in order to be successful in this world, they need a well-established partner ready to offer solutions beyond the expectations. We develop their brands by offering experience and solutions in three areas: creating and building a brand (logo and name), packaging design (structural and label design) and strong communication at the point of sale.

As specialists in strategic design, we create and build a strong visual identity that makes an impression. We have extensive experience in various projects ranging from creating a name and logo, building an identity, packaging design all the way to prototype production and actual production. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in creating and building strong, influential and effective brands.

Each brand with an ambition to succeed has its uniqueness. We always look for this uniqueness and present it to the consumer in the best possible way.


We use both strategy and creativity to develop brands and companies, using our four main strengths: individual approach, years of experience, strategic thinking and strong creative ideas. Our customers, ranging from multinational companies to promising startups, benefit from the agency's individual and integrated approach to their designs. This is a method created and refined over time that leads to exceptional and sustainable results in the development of strong brands.


A small selection of our latest projects.


Creating a logo

Each brand needs a strong logo in order to be unique and gain the consumer’s trust.

Structural design and 3D

Structural design of all sorts of bottles and boxes, technical drawings for production and creating 3D images of the product.

Creating a Name

Generating name suggestions that are relevant to the product and its market category

Portfolio Structure

We structure the brand portfilio to maximise market coverage and minimise brand overlap through the effective creation of multiple brands and subbrands.

Design of Limited Series and Private Labels

Developing creative designs for limited editions and private labels that successfully meet the client’s goals.

Communication materials at the point of sale

Developing catalogs and promotional materials related to the brand communication at the point of sale

Design of Labels and Packages

Over the years, we have created iconic new designs as well as redesigns for the packaging of some of the most successful brands in most industries.

Creating Graphic Standards

Developing Visual Identity / Brands are much more than a logo. We develop Brand manuals for consistency in using the brand and all its atributes (typography, icons, colors, images etc.) in its various manifestations.

Positioning the brand

Building the correct positioning of the brand so that it can take the most appropriate place in the market and reach its intended consumer.

Print Supervision

We offer a high level of expertise when supervising the manufacturing process which is essential for the design to be applied in the most appropriate way to a suitable material